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Artisanal fisheries in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique: rural vs urban fishing centers

This working paper investigates the relationship between gear, catch and income generated by the fishers in different seasons. SPACES researchers collected data using fish catch surveys at landing sites in Pemba town, Vamizi and Lalane. A standard questionnaire was used to collect the effort and location of the fishery. The fishery shows a wide range […]

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Perceptions of degradation of Ecosystem services in a estuarine zone, center of Mozambique – Eunice Ribeiro et al.(1.0 MB)

Coastal habitats such as mangroves and estuaries provide important ecosystem services for human communities. These habitats are also some of the most heavily exploited by humans and therefore threaten natural systems. Nova Mambone village, established in 1957, is adjacent to an estuary, forming extensive mangrove forests, and the livelihood of the villagers are linked with […]

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Artisanal fisheries at Pemba Town, Cabo Delgado: Structure, dynamics and contribution of catch for livelihood in a urban environment – Vera Julien et al.(1.8 MB)

Artisanal fisheries are a key subsistence activity of coastal populations of East Africa. Significant numbers of local communities depend on artisanal fisheries for food and income. Northern Mozambique is changing rapidly due to oil and gas industry and tourism. This presentation looks at the increased pressure on fisheries, other opportunities for coastal communities, and the […]

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SPACES at the ESPA 2016 Annual Science Conference

The ESPA Annual Science Conference was held in Nairobi, Kenya from the 17th to the 18th of November. Several members of the SPACES team were in attendance, including Tim Daw, Kate Brown, Caroline Abunge, Salomao Bandeira, Caroline Abunge, Christopher Cheupe, Julio Machele, Vera Julien, Bernard Owuor, Tomas Chaigneau, Kate Brown, and Kairo Gitundu. Tim, Kate, […]

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