How the benefits of reef fish trade are shared in two Kenyan landing sites


  • These figures illustrate how income generated from the reef fish value chain is shared amongst different actors in two sites in Kenya.
  • The size of the fish represents the total income generated by the value chain and this is divided into the coloured areas according to how it is shared amongst the groups. So fishers capture the most income in both sites. And male and female small scale traders capture the same amount in Mombasa.
  • In addition, the black human figures shows the relative number of people in each group.
    So although fishers capture most of the income, it is shared amongst a large number of them, while only a few individuals are in the group ‘Large scale male traders’ in Vanga. Meanwhile there are many more female traders in Mombasa compared to male traders, so each of them gets a smaller share, even though as a group they get the same as male traders.

Based on data from value chain analysis surveys by the SPACES team.