Diani Modelling Participants

Diani Modelling Participants

The ESPA-SPACES team is holding a modeler training workshop at the Leopard Beach Hotel in Diani, Kenya from 20th to 25th April, 2015. The workshop brings together researchers and students from the Kenyan Marine Fisheries Research Institute and Wildlife Conservation Society Coral Reef Conservation Project, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique), Stockholm Resilience Centre (Sweden), the University of Exeter (UK), and the University of British Colombia (Canada). Romina Martin from the Stockholm Resilience Centre is leading the training.

The training aims to train both the SPACES team, and collaborators from institutions in Kenya and Mozambique on the potential and practical limits of modelling to investigate the systems in which they are doing research. This involves considering how to frame the question and purpose of the model and conceptualizing how the model might be constructed, before learning how to implement the model using tools such as NetLogo.

Towards the end of the workshop, the SPACES team will begin to build the models that describe the systems and research that has been done by the different components of SPACES, covering wellbeing, household surveys, mangrove ecology, Ecopath and coral reef carbonate budget research. The team will then work to integrate these models into an overarching system model, and construct toy models from the more complex models in order to use in the future Stakeholder Participatory Workshops.

Diani beach and lagoon

Diani beach and lagoon – while not a SPACES study site, many of the issues SPACES are studying are also present here.