Start Date/Time:
09.00, 17 November 2016
End Date/Time:
17.30, 18 November 2016
Nairobi, Kenya
Location address: The Safari Park Hotel – P.O Box 45038 A2, Nairobi City, Kenya

This year’s Annual Science Conference will focus on synthesising learning across projects to answer the ‘big questions’ ESPA was established to address:

  • How do ecosystem services influence human well-being in different ecosystems / locations and for different socio-economic groups?
  • How will this change over time and what is driving this change?
  • What options exist to mediate linkages so that human well-being is enhanced and ecosystems are conserved?
  • What are the barriers / uncertainties inhibiting simultaneous achievement of the conservation and development outcomes and how can we overcome them? This includes those relating to governance and decision-making.

Call for Abstracts

If you would like to speak at the ESPA 2016 Annual Science Conference you must complete an abstract submission form (click here) and submit it by email to no later than Friday 27th May 2016.

The Directorate will make their selection in June. If your submission is accepted, you will be informed by email during the week commencing 6th June 2016. If your submission is not accepted for a talk, you will be invited to display a poster at the conference instead.
ESPA will cover reasonable economy travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for those people chosen to speak at the conference however ESPA will not be able to cover the costs for those people offered a poster.
Alternatively if you would like to attend the conference as an attendee only, could you please contact no later than Monday, 13th June 2016.  As an attendee you would be expected to cover your own travel and accommodation