In Kenya, the SPACES field team is conducting community dialogues in the coastal communities of Vanga, Jimbo, Tsunza, Mkwiro, Shimoni, and Kongowea. The team has returned from the first three sites and has reflected on the process and has recently departed for the next site, Mkwiro.

During the community dialogues, the team is presenting some of SPACES key findings and following up on questions which the community members asked during the community feedback last summer. The objective of the dialogues is twofold. The first objective is to share the findings with the communities in hope to stimulate conversation, understand the communities’ interpretations of the findings, and identify possible actions that can be taken in the communities and by development actors. The second objective is to reflect and learn from the dialogue experience and to continually improve the dialogues from site to site. In the end we hope to be able to provide recommendations to others who wish to share their findings with communities.

The Kenyan team is using a an array of methods from presentations to role play to a theater performance to stimulate the dialogues in the communities. Below are links to the presentations from the first sites visited.

Materials for the dialogues in Vanga can be accessed via this link:

Materials for the dialogues in Jimbo can be accessed via this link: