This impact activity targets impact partners and local and regional initiatives in coastal Kenya and Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. 8 coastal communities (urban and rural) in southern Kenya and northern Mozambique.These will be based on community-level deliberations at the eight SPACES rural and urban sites. Kenyan research sites include rural ‘South Coast’ sites (Vanga, Shimoni, Mkwiro, Jimbo) and sites in the vicinity of Mombasa (Four sub villages in the suburb of Kongowea in Nyali area and Tsunza). Mozambican research sites include sites near Pemba (Maringanha, Mieze and Paquiti).


In Mozambique the activity is currently ongoing. In Kenya, the activity is scheduled to start from 15th July, 2016 in Vanga and Jimbo.

This is an Impact activity which has 3 strategic objectives:

  1. Courtesy: to say thanks to the community for their cooperation and share some of the research findings
  2. Validation: to find out whether the community agree with or can explain our findings
  3. Impact: To find ways that our research can empower actors or stimulate new discussion/ proposals/ initiatives